Rasasi Arba Wardat Attar Concentrated Perfume Oil For Men and Women 30ML

Brand: Rasasi

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Arba Wardat by Rasasi, a creative mix of floral and fruity ingredients, is a soft confluence of contrasting notes. It is a well balanced fragrance with excellent silage and longevity. Top note is bergamot; middle notes are jasmine and rose; base notes are sandalwood, musk and amber. The version of Arba Wardat presented here is concentrated perfume in a beautiful bottle with a dab-on applicator.

  • It is a creative mix of floral and fruity ingredients which is a soft confluence of contrasting notes. The distinctive and unique design of bottle is bound to attract and charm wearer.
  • Arba Wardat is the perfume for the ambitious present day woman who seeks to excel and set new trends.
  • Olfactory description: Citrus, fruity, floral and woody.
  • The top notes carry citrusy( bergamot), fruity-floral ( Jasmine, rose) which have been specially created to introduce softness and beauty. The floral –woody(sandal& woody mix), amber-mossy middle note awakens the senses with spicy scents. The base note wraps up the wearer with a woody-amber-mossy and musky notes and charm wearer.

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