Attar Collection Azora Edp 100ml

Attar Collection Azora Edp 100ml

Brand: Attar Collection

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The fragrance was dedicated to famous arabian sultan Shah-Malik who loved travels. Once he gave an order to build a ship which ?ould emphasize his status and power. This ship was decorated with blue enamel, gold oriental ornament and precious stones. When the ship was returning to the port in the air spread beautiful fragrance of fresh flowers, ripe fruits and oriental spices. Such amazing fragrances emphasized luxury and incredible beauty of the Azora which Shah-Malik was so proud of! The top notes start with a fresh citrus scent of orange peel and bergamot. In the heart of the fragrance you’ll find marvelous oriental flowers and fruits represented by peach and lychee. Base gives a seductive hint due to woody notes and feminine musk!

Aromatic group: floral fruity

Top notes: bergamot, lychee, orange

Heart notes: flower mix, peach, jasmine

Base notes: wood, white musk

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