Afnan Musk Abiyad Attar Concentrated Perfume Oil For Men and Women 20ml

Brand: Afnan

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Attract people towards you with the alluring aroma of the Musk Abiyad Afnan perfume. It comprises the notes of agarwood, sandalwood, white musk, and rose. These notes combine to create a highly luxurious scent that will have an enchanting influence on the senses. This perfume is perfectly suitable for use by both men and women and comes wrapped in a high-class bottle that speaks volumes of its sophistication.

The Perfect Mood Enhancer This Musk Abiyad perfume will enhance your mood in seconds with its lush and pleasant aroma. It contains a brilliant fusion of top-class ingredients that gives off a deliciously tasty aroma, uplifting your somber or dull mood and filling it with cheerfulness.

Luxurious Fragrance The agarwood present in this Musk Abiyad Afnan perfume gives off an intensely refreshing scent that has a meditative-like effect on the senses. The fusion of the notes of sandalwood and white musk imparts a dash of warmth and sensuality to this perfume. The intensely feminine scent of rose creates an aura of romanticism around you, making it the ideal pick for spending an evening with your special someone.

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