What is the best souvenir that you can take back from Dubai?

What is the best souvenir that you can take back from Dubai?

Enough with the usual fridge magnets, T-shirts and mugs. The best gift that you take back home from Dubai is the Arabic Perfume that is not easily available in other parts of the world.

The Arabic perfumes are famous throughout the world for their attractive and exotic fragrances. They are the best options for the perfume lovers who are looking for something unique and special.

Arabic perfumes have a distinct and exotic scent that makes them unique and instantly recognizable. They offer the wearer an experience of rich luxury, and the warmth of a heritage that spans millennia.

If you are out and about in Dubai, looking to buy Arabic perfumes, for yourself or as a gift, here are few places you should definitely check out: Samawa Perfume Showroom in Dubai have all the Arabian perfumes brands under one roof. They also sell online on their website www.samawa.ae where you can get Oud perfume, Dubai Attar, Bakhoor and also many Arabian perfume brands such as Lattafa, Rasasi, Afnan, Al Haramain and many more. Samawa Perfumes is also the Authorized distributor of Rasasi and Lattafa Perfumes in the UAE. If Arabic Perfumes aren't your thing then you can find similar variations of familiar scents that you buy at home. You could even bring your own perfumes along and ask the Samawa perfumer to re-create it for you.

The Deira perfume souk is also an ideal location for a vast range of Arabian Oud perfumes and oils where you can bargain and buy at good price, but authenticity would still be a concern there.

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