Rasasi Sahar Conc.Perfume 18 Ml

Brand: Rasasi

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Sahar is flowery and sensual fragrance that radiates beauty and offers luxury. It has been created to fascinate and delight the wearer.The elegant design on the bottle along with its exquisite gem stones creates luxurious and attractive look.The top notes flow with an oriental and floral theme that is followed by a woody, spicy, ambery and rose notes. It then finally winds up with a balsamic, musky and animalic aroma that stays on for a very long time to not only impress the wearer but also creates a rich and royal feeling.  

Top Note:
Oriental, Floral, Jasmine

Middle Note:
Woody, Spicy, Rose, Amber

Base Note:
Balsamic, Musky, Mossy, Animalic

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