Ard Al Zaafaran Dirham Edp 100ml + 50ml Deo

Ard Al Zaafaran Dirham Edp 100ml + 50ml Deo

Brand: Ard Al Zaafaran

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  • Incredibly Long-lasting Fragrance
  • Delightful fragrances Collection
  • Fresh and subtle smell
  • Delicate and discreet aroma for calm, measured everyday shy and modest person.
  • This fragrance is ranked the most popular among women even though it smells totally unconventional oriental.

  • Hay, dry herbs, stump filled lemongrass.
  • Quite intense, quite indefinable as honestly Arab on the Alpine pasture.
  • The smell is moving in a plane orient Fougera.
  • Fits men, without discussion but buy it here and there within the PMS attack women.
  • Dirham is well worn in spring, summer weather.
  • They buy him all age groups, which are not subject to the dictates of fashion and trends.
  • Dirham is one of the exclusive fragrance perfume oil by one of the world renowned, Quality Arabian, Oriental and popular perfume producer Al Zaafaran.
  • It is very nice, soft, sweet and long-lasting perfume oil.
  • Dirham is a fresh, Sweet and Floral fragrance.
  • Dirham by Ard al Zaafran is composed of the premium quality with modern developments and comes in an elegant glass bottle and a beautiful outer box.
  • A well-presented oil in an amazing bottle with fine detailed craftsmanship, perfect for a gift.
  • It could be a very nice and beautiful gift box.
  • It can also be a very nice personal collection.
  • This is concentrated perfume oil all you need is a few drops on and it will last for rest of the day unlike other perfumes where you have reapplied.

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